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Testing Fifa 2009,,

Aku bukan lah fans FIFA 2009, pi saja jak aku nak ngetest nya .. boring gilak. nunggu Winning Eleven 2009, lambat gilak kuar.

Ok di pendekkan cerita, sistem dalam FIFA tok nang byk lah berubah, perubahan ya nang ketara dari FIFA 2008. dari segi tackling. shooting, nang byk juak berubah.. and goalkeeper nya pun ada pandei kit ahha dari dolok.. dolok ada ngok skit. aku tok malas sebenarnya nak madah bebanyak lagik.. and apa yg aku nak madah ktk org adalah.. Controlling System FIFA 2009 tok dari dolok nang sik brapa lah.. bagus agik WInning pun controlling system.. smooth jak. fifa tok hadeh.. cuba jak kitak org pun.. aku tok pun bukan lah fans FIFA.. so jgn lah anok ku :-) aku tok sekadar mencuba jak. apa2 pun FIFA 2009 pun best juak ..

aku berik 8/10

*sorry sikit lak ku taip pasal fifa 2009, ngantok gilak.. :-P

PSP Custom Firmware 5.00 M33 on your PSP

This may be a little late but like I always say, it’s better late than never. Before we install this latest custom firmware, I’d like to give out a few notes on what joy you’ll be getting from this.

* PlayStation Network

* Sleep Timer

* USB Auto-Connect

* New theme

* Full-Screen keyboard has been added

* Full screen and interlaced TV-out option for PSX games on the PSP Slim and PSP3000

Read the guide after the jump.

Now here’s what you’ve been waiting for, the simplest easy to follow guide that you’ll find on the web. Here’s how to install custom firmware 5.0 M33 on your fat and slim PSPs - no hack for the PSP 3000 yet.

Remember kids, do this at your own risk. I won’t be held responsible for anything that would happen to your PSP. If you don’t understand the guide or not sure of anything, ask by using the comment form below.
The Requirements

* PSP with previous custom firmware installed, at least 4.01 M33-2

* At least 75% battery, connect your PSP to an outlet via the Adapter.

* USB Cable

The Guide

1. Download the installer pack I compiled here

2. Extract the file you have downloaded anywhere on your computer.

3. Connect your PSP to your computer and copy the UPDATE folder you extracted to ms0:/PSP/GAME/

4. On your PSP, go to the XMB menu and scroll to GAME > Memory Stick and run the 5.00 M33 update. Follow the onscreen instructions.

5. After the installation, you’ll be taken back to the XMB menu.

6. Grab a soda or something.

Install 1.50 Kernel Add-on for 5.00 M33 Custom Firmware **FOR FAT ONLY!!

Good news for all fat PSP a.k.a. PSP-1000 owners out there. Dark Alex has just released the latest 1.50 add-on for the latest custom firmware. Now, what does this add-on really do? The 1.50 kernel add-on brings out the full homebrew capability of your PSP. It lets you run lots of cool programs created by great hackers and programmers out there. One application is the infrared remote application which lets you control any TV, VCR and even the tiny havoc helicopter.

Warning: You must do the following at your own risk. I won’t be held responsible for any damage it may do to your device.

The Requirements

* A Fat PSP (a.k.a. PSP-1000) installed with the latest custom firmware 5.00 M33.

* Enough battery so your PSP wouldn’t accidentally turn off in the middle of the flashing.

* USB Cable

The Guide

1. Connect your PSP to your computer and put it in USB mode.

2. Download the official 1.50 firmware and copy it to the root of your PSP’s memory stick. You can get the 1.50 firmware here.

3. Download the 1.50 Kernel Add-on for 5.00 M33 installer, extract it anywhere on your computer and copy it to /PSP/GAME5XX.

4. Go to your XMB and scroll to GAME>Memory Stick then run the 1.50 Kernel Add on update. Follow the onscreen instructions and wait. The PSP will restart automatically after the update has been installed.

5. Congratulations, you now have a full homebrew enabled PSP.

Don’t thank me for the guide, thank Dark Alex because without his hacking abilities, this wouldn’t even be here. And don’t forget to thank Sony for bringing us a cool handheld device.

Fenomena Berjelin..

Aku paling sik suka ngan nemiak kinek tok.. nang sik pat terjelin sikit la. alu nak kelai,apa lah salah di jelin or terjelin, bukan ada apa² pun, sakit ka bila di jelin? Rasa nak mati ka? Bodoh pun nemiak.. rasa kuat, Apa² pun topic tok aku tujukan kan khas pake nemiak sekolah nek tok yg byk di antara nya rasa kuat² and sik lupak juak kepada adik² aku. Jgn lah .. nak mante org or nak nyakit ati org .. Tegal benda bodo tok.. kelak bila tersalah bante org, kenak ngan org palak jenis keras. tang ada kenak baok sampe mati. dah kenak.. sapa Susah? Keluarga, Polis, Sidak doktor² juak susah.. So beringat² lah..

Sekian Terima kasih.. Pesanan tok di taja oleh Aku Pun.