Used Samsung U700 Slim FMG Set

Price: RM 500
Full Set.
Some wear and tear.
FMG warranty
Used 5 Months
100% Working

Call Alan: 0138390999 Location: Sarawak

Used Canon PowerShot S3 IS

Price: RM 1 200

Resolution: 6.00 Megapixels
Lens: 12.00x zoom
(36-432mm eff)
Viewfinder: EVF / LCD
LCD Size: 2.0 inch
ISO: 50-800
Shutter: 15-1/3200
Max Aperture: 2.7
Mem Type: SD
Battery: 4 x AA
Dimensions: 4.5x3.1x3.0in
Weight: 14.5 oz
(410 g)

Call Long:0198688987 Location: Sarawak

Used Sony Cyber shot DSC H5 7.2 Megapixel

Price: RM 1 330
This camera is in excellent used condition with no physical or mechanical defects. Camera will be shipped in original box. Included are : lens cover, USB cable, A/V connecting cable, CD-ROM, shoulder strap, adaptor ring, lens hood, battery charger and user's manual.

Additional accesseries included :
Crumpler 2 Million camera bag x 1
Sony Pro Duo High Speed Memory Stick 2GB x 1
Sony Memory Stick x 1
San Disk Memory Stick 1GB x 1
Sony Ni-MH Rechargeble batteries x 4
Sony LSF-VHA Lens Hood x 1
Sony VCL-M3367 Close Up Lens x 1

This whole set was bought @ RM 1999 (Camera set) + RM660 (all the additional accesseries) = RM2,659.00


Call tze:019-8885728 Location: Sarawak

The DETAILED guide to fake memory sticks!!

Have you got a fake memory stick? Or are you planning to buy, but aren't sure about its quality? Read on...

Quote from: eBay
Millions of eBayers have been deceived by inferior quality, unpopular cheap MS disguised as Sony Memory Stick PRO DUO as more than 98% of ALL 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB MSPD listed on eBay are counterfeit items and many have FAKE & OVERSTATED capacities (some even call it COMPRESSED). Genuine buyers got scammed by fraudulent eBay sellers everyday and this process keep on repeating.

Even if a seller has tons of positive feedback, and lots of buyers, it doesn't mean a product is genuine.
The Clues:

1. A fake SONY part number and MagicGate incompatibility.
Genuine memory sticks have proper part numbers. These are:

* PRO series: 1gb (MSX-1GS), 2gb (MSX-2GS).
* PRO Duo Hi-Speed series: 1gb (MSX-M1GN), 2gb (MSX-M2GN), 4gb (MSX-M4GN).
* PRO Duo series (previous): 1gb (MSX-M1GST), 2gb (MSX-M2GS), 4gb (MSX-M4GS), 8gb (MSX-M8GS).
* PRO Duo series (current): 2gb (MSX-M2GS/X), 4gb (MSX-M4GS/X), 8gb (MSX-M8GS/X).

Fake memory sticks have a different number. They have an extra T.

If you have a PSP then you can check the MagicGate status of the Memory Stick. Navigate to your Memory Stick on your PSP and press triangle. Go to information and check if it says MagicGate Supported. If it is unknown or unsupported then you have a fake Memory Stick.

2. The packaging
Genuine packaging has heat seals around the edges. They look like long rectangles. Fakes have round glue seals and can be opened too easily.

Genuine packaging also has 9-6-9 (some has 3-2-3) rectangular heat seals along the Left, Top and Right edges of the pack while fake always only has 3-3 round glue seals along the Left and Right edges with NO seal at the Top edge. This applies to all 1gb/2gb/4gb/8gb retail packaging products.
The size label (the round one) is colour coded. 1gb is Light Blue, 2gb is Light Green, 4gb is Purple Blue, 8gb is Red. The 1gb-4gb may be hard to spot out but the fake 8gb will be Light Blue.

Genuine packaging will have a golden 3D 'SONY holographic sticker' at the front. Newer fakes now also have similar identical holographic sticker. Bring the packaging to your nearest SONY retail outlet and ask for a SONY Anti-counterfeit Handy Viewer to see if your item is genuine. The viewer has 2 see through Lens. A genuine hologram will appear as complete BLACK when seen through the Left lens and Normal on the Right lens. A counterfeit hologram will appear as Normal through both Left and Right lens

Notice the different colour code and the extra T. First: Genuine/Second: Fake

3. The front

First: Genuine/Second: Fake

A genuine Memory Stick uses print ready/control vector art technique to print all the letterings. Fakes use inferior hi-res bitmap to copy the genuine, so there is a printing flaw. The font on the fake usually is bolder, messy, out of focus and rubs off easily. Newer fakes may have the exact print.
Fakes are usually thicker. Try fitting the card into an adapter. It may seem like it's squeezed in. Newer 2gb fakes (1959mb version) even has problems fitting into a PSP.

4. The back
The font type, size and printing style may differ between fakes and genuines. Real Memory Sticks have the letter S in 'MSX-4GS' as italic but the S used in other writings such as 'BBSC1000000' won't be. The genuine cards have text laser-etched onto the plastic and can be felt with your finger. Fakes use the hi-res technique and will be smooth and can rub off.
Take note of the gold contacts. If the plastic covering or the actual stripe looks deficient then it may be fake.

A genuine 2gb stick.

5. The inside

'm not going to go into detail here (its not like you're gonna open up your memory stick). Sony uses a marked PCB board that usually uses a Samsung chip. Fakes have an unknown and an unmarked flash chip.

6. Capacity and speed

A genuine 4gb displays the default capacity as 3839mb and a genuine 2gb displays the default capacity as 1909mb (some devices will show 1910mb). Some older fake 2gb sticks shows 1948mb and 1959mb of memory space when being tested. Newer fake 2gb sticks may now show any of these figures including the 1910mb of a genuine. However some 2GB fakes only have a true capacity of only 512mb/1gb. Try transferring as much data as possible to your card and also read data from the card to see if it will actually hold the stated capacity with no sign of data corruption.

The genuine hi-speed card (with the red-stripe) has a transfer speed of about 80mbps. Fakes have a slower transfer speed with a 1948mb fake only doing about 65mbps to 70mbps and a 1959mb fake only doing at the most, 60mbps.
Fake sticks don't usually last that long and files stored can become corrupt after reading them.

If you're buying a stick online, beware. Sellers can also mislead you by posting genuine photos and not ones of the actual product they are selling. Remember to check the packaging and maybe sometimes things can be "to good to be true".

Vista Black ptf PSP Theme

Apple PTF PSP Theme

Final Fantasy VII ptf PSP Theme

Halo ptf PSP Theme

KDE ptf PSP Theme

Convert Youtube Videos Into PSP format

How to convert Youtube Videos into psp format, with out installing any software!!!!!

I was looking around the net and found this tutorial. This is a tutorial on how to convert Youtube Videos to psp format without having to install any special software on your computer.

Its a ridiculously easy solution for converting videos from sites like YouTube.

1. Get the URL of the video you want.
2. Copy URL into the "FLV Online Converter" at
3. Choose "MP4 for iPod/PSP"
4. Wait for the conversion, download file, and then save it to your PSP under the "VIDEO" folder.
*Note - if you dont have a video folder create one at the root of your stick.
*Note - the VIDEO folder will only for on 3.00 + firmwares, this includes the Open Edition custom firmwares

Now was that simple and easy.

3.90 M33 Easy Installer v2

Homebrew developers LewisHamilton, PSPNerd, and Stiffmeister have released an update for the 3.90 M33 Easy Installer.

Now known as 3.90 Easy Installer v2, it has a couple of new additions that people should really like, such as additional steps to determine if you're using a PSP Slim or Phat, and if you want to add the 1.50 Kernel or not to the easy installation procedure

Here's the basic changelog for 3.90 M33 Easy Installer v2:

* 1.5 Kernel added
* Vista compatibility added
* Steps added

Note that this doesn't have a homebrew, and the developers give you a warning about the possibility of bricking your PSP via this procedure. If you're the type who wants to simplify the upgrading process, though, then you still might want to give this application a go.


Artwork Ngantok!

Kenangan time² kerja :-)

Kecacatan Xbox 360 Selepas Di baiki

Xbox 360 aku pun USB cover patah.. ci#$% .. x guna punya technician. :-( Aku Mesti complain.. mintak ganti rugi.. Arghh Fed up.. bodo. aku bayar ci#$% bukan x bayar pun..

Xbox 360 aku cacat.. :-(

My Missing Friend :-p









Kepada Sesiapa yg mempunyai maklumat mengenai mereka sila hantarkan comment anda di Blog ini :-)

Click!! Click!! Picture of the day

The Dreamer
Model:Daie, Camera:NIKON E4100, Shutter Speed:10/1281 second

Model:Daie, Camera:NIKON E4100, Shutter Speed:10/601 second

"Nerd" Kuching Local Band @ka The Zoo

Band yang asalnya di tubuhkan lewat 90'an :-) menjadi kegilaan remaja kuching ketika tu.. band asal nya di barisi oleh Alim (vocal), Aien (Guitars), Zaid @ka badol (Bass) dan Mady (Drums).. Band ni sebenarnya dah berpecah. dan hanya Zaid sorang yg masih mahu menghidupkan band nerd nih.. Alim dan Aien sekarang nih main utk The Times, Mady menumpukan perhatian kpd kerjanya. dan tgl lah Zaid.. Nerd ternyata tidak berhenti begitu sahaja.. berkat usaha zaid dan sokongan rakan² akhirnya Nerd kembali bergerak aktif dalam GiG UG di Kuching..

Lineup baru Nerd 2008 : Zaid (vocal), ETHELBERT (guitar), Wandy (bass), Dave (drums)

ini adalah lagu terbaru mereka "Apple"

:-) Pembukaan Rasmi

Hohohoh xda idea ku nak klakar.. apa² pun hari tok aku Happy sebab . Xbox 360 aku hidup balit .. seminggu nya berada di kedai.. di repair.. Wahhh .. happy menar aku… Ah tee nepon ku madah RM 80, malas ku nak nawar.. Gi maybank. terus kuar duit. yahuu.. pat main GTA 4 tok